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Keiser University
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Top Massage  Schools - Allied College 1. Allied College

Top Massage  Schools - Allied CollegeThe Massage Therapist plays an important role in the growing Health Care fields of preventative health care, fitness, and stress management. Massage Therapy students learn Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology of the body as it relates to soft tissue injury and treatment. Students engage in supervised "hands-on" training in traditional Swedish massage and other related modalities such as hydrotherapy, sports massage, deep tissue, chair massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage and spa treatments.

Top Massage  Schools - Carrington College2. Carrington College

Top Massage Schools - Carrington CollegeEvery year, Massage Therapy attracts more and more attention for the many potential health benefits it offers. As the popularity of massage treatment increases, so does the demand for qualified Massage Therapists. Carrington College helps prepare fully trained therapists to take advantage of the growing career opportunities available to our graduates. The mission of our program is to prepare serious bodywork practitioners who offer a safe, positive, healing touch.

Top Massage School - Cortiva Institute3. Cortiva Institute

Top Massage Schools - Cortivia InstituteOur Professional Massage Therapy program is a comprehensive course of instruction that bridges intellectual discipline with technical expertise. Grounded in the value of client centered care, courses in massage theory and practice, communication and ethics in therapeutic relationships, as well as real life clinical experience, are supported and complemented by studies in structure, function and disease of the human body. Engaged and competent faculty, supported by relevant text books and classroom technology, blend scientific foundations and hands-on instruction to create an experiental learning environment that builds clinical reasoning skills. Added instruction in the elements that the graduating student will be a competent massage therapist, prepared to take the National Certification Exam and state licensing exams.

Top Massage  Schools - Everest College4. Everest College

Top Massage  Schools - Everest CollegeThe Massage Therapy program provides the basic knowledge, tools, ethics, and behaviors that will enable you to successfully practice as a massage therapist in a variety of health care settings. You will gain in-depth educational skills that increase your knowledge and develop specialized techniques of massage. 

Top Massage  Schools - Kaplan College5. Kaplan College

Top Massage  Schools - Kaplan CollegeMore than ever before, people are turning to natural forms of stress reduction, preventive health care, fitness programs, and relaxation techniques to alleviate symptoms from their ailments. Employment opportunities for massage therapists are increasing as these alternative treatments gain acceptance in the health care community. Now is the right time to enter the alternative health care field and train for a rewarding career as a massage therapist.

Top Massage  Schools - Keiser University 6. Keiser University

Top Massage  Schools - Keiser UniversityKeiser University’s Associate of Science degree in Massage Therapy provides comprehensive training in Swedish massage and incorporates courses in hydrotherapy, allied modalities, sports massage, spa theory, Florida Massage Law, ethical procedures and business practices.

Top Massage  Schools - National Holistic Institute7. National Holistic Institute

Top Massage  Schools - National Holistic InstituteAll we teach is Massage Therapy.  The faculty and staff at our massage therapist schools are 100% dedicated to to your success in the field of massage.  Along those lines, our facilities were designed exclusively for Massage Therapy as well which creates a warm and welcoming environment.

Top Massage  Schools - Rasmussen College8. Rasmussen College

Top Massage  Schools - Rasmussen CollegeBy obtaining a Massage Therapy Degree, you can set yourself on a path to a more satisfying professional career in the healing arts. Massage may be given for simple relaxation, stress relief or for medical benefit,  but can only be practiced by thoroughly trained individuals providing a specialized type of care.

Top Massage  Schools - Utah College of Massage Therapy9. Utah College of Massage Therapy

Top Massage  Schools - Utah College of Massage TherapyThe Professional Massage Therapy Program prepares students to become successful practicing bodyworkers in as little as seven months. The Program exceeds standards set by national certification, and by most state and municipal governments for licensing. The Professional Massage Therapy Program teaches the art and science of massage therapy, while also teaching sound business practices which prepare students for success in the marketplace.

Top Massage  Schools - Virginia College10. Virginia College

Top Massage  Schools - Virginia CollegeThe Therapeutic Massage program at Virginia College will give you the physical and technical skills that are required by health care and personal service employers in a number of allied massage settings. You'll learn to perform a variety of massage techniques ranging from relaxation skills and stress management to Swedish massage and neuromuscular therapy.

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